The intention of this site is:

  • To record  family history before it is lost
  • To share information with all those interested in any part of the Sampson family tree
  • To provide a means of communication amongst the descendants
  • To develop a media resources library for important family documents, images and other items
  • To work towards finding and reconnecting with lost branches
  • To not include information on living descendants

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Proposed family reunion

Due to co-vid and state border closures the proposed Sampson family reunion in Burra, South Australia to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the arrival of John & Ann Sampson with their children is postponed.


Wish to contribute?

If you can contribute to our family history, we would love to hear from you and would welcome you getting in touch! To do so use the email facility provided on the right hand side.


If you have any family photographs, documents or anything else that would help illustrate our family story please get in touch.