Perranuthnoe Burials from 1562

List numberNameDateDescriptionNotes
1Jane Sampson6 Feb 1670Wife of Matthew Sampson. Nee Stevens
2Francess Sampson23 Oct 1685
3Thomas Sampson23 Dec 1699
4Sibella Sampson28 Mar 1705
5Miriam Sampson4 May 1709Unmarried daughter of Matthew & Jane Sampson.
6Miriam Sampson 15 Aug 1714
7John Sampson26 May 1716Likely to be son of Matthew & Jane Sampson
8Alexander Sampson14 Jan 1723Son of Alexander and Sarah his wifeMost probably nos 8 & 9 are the same person?
9Hannah Sampson 6 Jan 1731Hannah Rodda wife of John Sampson
10Alexander Sampson17 Jan 1724
11Xtian Sampson 23 Feb 1732Likely to be Christian Morley wife of John Sampson
12Julian Sampson 23 Feb 1732
13Xtian Sampson 1 Dec 1733Likely to be daughter of William & Joan Sampson
14Tho or Jno? Sampson24 Dec 1733Son of Thomas Sampson and Ann James. als
15Miriam Sampson21 Dec 1733Daughter of Thomas Sampson and Ann James.
16Tho Sampson28 Sep 1735Son of Thomas Sampson and Ann James. als
17Miriam Sampson17 Oct 1737Likely to be daughter of Thomas Sampson & Christian Morley. If so died age of 22
18Miriam Sampson11 Jun 1738Record states daughter of William Sampson
19Richard Sampson12 Jul 1740Son of John & Jane Sampson
20John Sampson3 Sep 1744
Son of John Sampson and Christian Morley.
21Anne Sampson6 Nov 1744Anne James wife of Thomas Sampson
22Jone Sampson30 Mar 1749Daughter of John Sampson & Hannah Rodda
23Matthew Sampson8 Apr 1750Likely to be son of John & Christian Sampson. Married Ann Simons in 1726.
24Thomas Sampson28 Jan 1758
25Thomas Sampson 3 May 1761
26Hannah Sampson13 Oct 1762Daughter of John Sampson & Grace Freethy
27Anne Sampson23 Dec 1762Possibly the daughter of Thomas Sampson and Ann James. If so died at age 32.
28William Sampson5 Dec 1764Son of Alexander & Sarah
29Thomas Sampson30 Mar 1765
30Grace Sampson23 Nov 1771Either daughter of John Sampson & Grace Freethy or daughter of William Sampson & Grace Blight
31Grace Samson13 or 18 Feb 1774Either daughter of John Sampson & Grace Freethy or daughter of William Sampson & Grace Blight
33Catherine Sampson15 Sep 1779Likely daughter of John Sampson & Hannah Stevens
33John Sampson 21 May 1780Son of John Sampson & Hannah Rodda
34John Sampson17 Dec 1780Son of Richard Sampson and Sarah Rowe. Nos 33 & 34 could be swapped.
35Rich Sampson29 Dec 1780Son of Ralph Sampson and Honour Williams. Husband of Sarah Rowe.
36Hannah Sampson21 May 1787Daughter of John Sampson & Hannah? als
37Thomas Sampson3 Nov 1792Son of John Sampson & Hannah? als
38Ann Samson28 Jan 1795
39Thomas Sampson19 Dec 1796
40Christian Sampson1 May 1798Daughter of John Sampson & Hannah?
41Hannah Sampson7 Nov 1798Age 50Wife of John Sampson
42Mary Sampson11 Apr 1808Age 23Daughter of John Sampson & Hannah
43Joseph James24 Feb 1817Age 6 monthsSon of Thomas James & Hannah Sampson.
44Simon Stevens23 July 1819Age 72. Home near PoorhouseHusband of Christian Sampson.
45Grace Sampson2 May 1830Age 44. Grace from Gears in Perran. Lumber abcessGears Lane is in Goldsithney. Grace was wife of John Sampson.
46Thomas James 7 Apr 1833Age 40. Gears.Husband of Hannah Sampson. scs
47John Sampson2 Nov 1833Age 85. John from Goldsithney.Husband of Hannah Stevens. Son of Thomas and Christian Sampson.
48Elizabeth Sampson25 Jan 1837Age 84. Poorhouse.
49Eliz.Jane Sampson20 March 1840Age 3. DownsDaughter of John Sampson and Jane Hooper? als
50Nicholas Sampson7 May 1840Age 8. DownsSon of Thomas Sampson and Mary Sampson
51Thomas Sampson26 May 1842Age 76. DownsHusband of Mary Sampson.
52Henry Sampson30 May 1849Age 23. DownsSon of Thomas and Mary Sampson.
53Mary Sampson13 Jun 1850 Age 12 months. Counting House, St. Perran.Daughter of Thomas & Eliza Sampson.
54Thomas Sampson21 May 1851Age 40. GoldsithneySon of Thomas & Mary Sampson.
55William Samson27 Nov 1858Age 46. GoldsithneyPossibly son of Thomas & Mary Sampson and husband of Susan.
56Alice Sampson26 Apr 1870Age 21. The Downs Turn Pike Rd
57James Charles Sampson18 Feb 1871Age 2 years 6 months. P. Downs.
58Susanna Sampson27 Nov 1874Age 74. GoldsithneyWife of William Sampson.
59Richard Sampson17 Mar 1875Age 58. Golsithney. Son of Thomas & Mary SampsSon of Thomas & Mary Sampson. als
60Hannah James16 Mar 1876Age 86. The Gears, Goldsithney.Daughter of John & Hannah Sampson.
61Mary Sampson20 Dec 1877Age 97. P. DownsWife of Thomas Sampson. als
62James Sampson18 Oct 1883Age 63. P. DownsSon of Thomas & Mary Sampson?
63James Sampson14 Aug 1908Age 67. Perranuthnoe
64Jane Sampson9 Nov 1912Age 83. GoldsithneyWife of Richard Sampson.
65Fanny Sampson26 Jan 1933Age 67. Goldsithney
66Mary Annie Sampson26 Jan 1941Age 56. Goldsithney
67Thomas Sampson2 Dec 1945Age 63. West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance