Thomas Sampson abt1594-16?? & Dorothia Cara abt1594-16??
Married 3 Nov 1612 in Breage, Cornwall

Thomas Sampson

Unknown parents

Baptised: unknown

Died: after 1664 or  Aug 1640 Breage

Buried: If Aug 1640 then buried 25 Aug 1640 Breage , Cornwall.

Siblings: Ralph abt 1600

Dorothia Cara 

Baptised: unknown

Died: unknown

Buried: unknown Cornwall

Siblings: unknown

Dealing with family history back in 1500s & 1600s is problematic in that many family events have either not been recorded or have been lost through the passage of time. This hampers our research but will record here what we know or at least think we know!

The key record for this couple is their marriage registration in the Breage Church for the date of 3 Nov 1612. There are no baptismal records for Thomas and Dorothy. If we assume that both Thomas and Dorothy married at the adult age of 18 then they would have been born around 1594.

Of Thomas we know he was living and farming at Kenneggy, near the cliff, just in the parish of Breage, when he married and was still there when his son  Edmund was baptised in 1626.