John Sampson 1786-18??  & Grace Gundry 1783-1830

John Sampson and Grace Gundry were married on 9 June 1808 at St Hilary in Cornwall. Wedding witnesses were Gideon Gundry (Brother of Grace?) and John Gundry (relationship not know at this time).

John Sampson    

Sixth child of John and Hannah Sampson

Christened: 1 Dec 1786 Perranuthnoe, Cornwall

Died: Date unknown – somewhere between 1825-1841

Buried: Unknown

Hannah c. 26 May 1776 (assume died young)
Christian c. 8 Mar 1778
John c. 14 Mar 1780 (assume died young)
Catherine c. 19 May 1782
Hannah c. 2 May 1790

Grace Gundry

Third child of Gideon Gundry (1736-1798) & Christian Harvey (1748-1822)

Christened: 5 Mar 1786 St Hilary, Cornwall

Died: 2 May 1830, Gears in Perran (Off Gears Lane in Goldsithney). Age 44 years.

Buried: Perranuthnoe, Cornwall (Unable to find any tombstone for her in the cemetery SCS)

Mary Gundry c. 13 Apr 1777 in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall
Gideon Gundry c. 26 Dec 1780 in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall

It appears that John & Grace lived in the Gears(see map below), which is a small collection of cottages north-west of the town of Goldsithney in Cornwall. Grace died at the age of 47 in 1830 and was buried next to the Perranuthnoe church. A note on her burial details states that she was from the Gears. Her sister in law Hannah James died in 1876 and was also noted as being from the Gears. It seems from this then that the families of John & Grace Sampson and his sister Hannah & Thomas James were based in the Gears. More recent research has indicated that the Sampson family owned plots of land along Gears Lane on the southern side of the Lane near the entrance to the Gears circled in red  below.
To date  the death of John Sampson has remained a mystery as no death record has been found. The last child of John & Grace (Elizabeth) was born in March of 1826 and as John is not mentioned in the 1841 English Census it is assumed he died somewhere in the period of 1826 to the date of the census in 1841.

The Gears circled in red is the area in which John & Grace Sampson lived. Comprises of a group of cottages branching off Gears Lane. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Map has been altered to include the circle. Source: