The Sampson family in Australia
“A close correlation seems to have existed between economic downturn in Cornwall associated with potato blight, deficient corn harvests and general economic malaise and the rise of opportunities overseas. South Australian mineral discoveries of the 1840s (especially at Kapunda and Burra in the Mid North) and extension of the farming frontier, were a magnet to the Cornish.

This pattern was repeated in the 1860s when Cornish mining collapsed in the face of diminishing returns while rich mines in the Americas and Australia opened, including the copper mines of northern Yorke Peninsula. In turn, the Cornish emigrated from South Australia as local economic circumstances declined and opportunities arose elsewhere, such as the Victorian goldfields in the early 1850s, and gold discoveries in Western Australia and the rise of the Great Barrier silver–lead mines around Broken Hill in the 1890s. Employment opportunity was thus a leading cause of population movement among the Cornish mining community.”

Quoted from Davies, M 2013, Cornish, Adelaidia, accessed 16 April 2016, <>


Names Name of ship and yearDate and place of departureDate and place of arrivalNotes
John Sampson 25. Convict. York (Leeds) Quarter Session 31 Dec 1832Neva 1833Plymouth 29 Jul 1833Port Jackson 21 Nov 1833
John & Ann Sampson with children: John, James, Grace, William and ThomasLa Belle Alliance 1847Plymouth on 8 Mar but had to turn back due to loss of maintopmast in storm off Madeira. After repairs departed Plymouth on 4 AprilPort Adelaide on 1 July 1847John was the son of John & Grace Sampson of Goldsithney, Cornwall. This family settled in the town of Burra, South Australia.
James & Christiana Wearne (nee Sampson) and daughter Mary ElizabethCressy 1847Port Adelaide on 19 August 1847Christiana was a daughter of John & Grace Sampson of Goldsithney, Cornwall. Christiana & James lived in Auburn, Burra and Kadina South Australia
John & Harriet Hampton(nee Sampson) and daughter Harriet AnnAboukir 1847Plymouth on 1 Jun 1847Port Adelaide on 4 Sep 1847Harriet a daughter of Joseph Sampson & Jane Goyen. Harriet baptised at St Agnes, Cornwall
William Sampson Rajah 1847Port Adelaide 25 Sep 1847William was the son of Richard & Honor Sampson of Uny Lelant, Cornwall. William married Mary Ann Hattam in Burra. Lived Burra and Kapunda, South Australia
Henry Sampson, wife and 3 children, James SampsonWestminster 1848London & PlymouthPort Adelaide on 5 July 1848
Jane Sampson 23Berkshire 1848Port Phillip
3 Oct 1848
Jane a needlewoman from Cheltenham. C of E.
John & Jane Sampson with children: John Henry, Mary, Nicholas, James & Elizabeth JaneWilliam Money 1849Port Adelaide 3 Jan 1849John was a son of Thomas & Mary Sampson of Perranuthnoe, Cornwall. This family lived at One Tree Hill, South Australia. Jane nee Hooper
Richard & Martha Sampson with children: James, William, John and ThomasSir Edward Parry 1849London 29 Mar 1849Port Adelaide on 21 Jun 1849Richard was the son of James Sampson & Mary Jones of South Molten in Devon. Martha nee Shaddock.
T.S. SampsonNavarino 1849London & Plymouth 29 JulPort Adelaide on Nov 5
John 36 & Harriet Sampson 34 and children: Mary Ann 14, John 1 and infant born at seaIndian 1849Plymouth 8 Apr 1849Port Adelaide on 7 Aug 1849John the son of John & Phillis Sampson of Paul, Cornwall. Harriet nee Moore.
John & Jane Sampson & two childrenAscendent 1851London via Plymouth 3 Oct 1850Port Adelaide 15 Jan 1851
Thos. SampsonPestonjee Bomanjee 1851From London via Plymouth 30 Oct 1850Port Adelaide 17 Feb 1851
Alexander Sampson 25Wanderer 1851Plymouth 23 Jan 1851Port Adeliade on 22 May 1851Alex's family was from Dorset. Son of John Sampson & Mary Goodfellow.
James Sampson 30
Emma Sampson 28
(Also Amy Sampson 1 - listed separately)
Irene 1852Liverpool 10 Jul 1852Sydney 16 Oct 1852James a miller from Shefford, Berkshire, Wesleyan. Emma from Wandsworth Surrey.
Louis Sampson 27. Eliza Sampson 22 & ? Sampson 271853LiverpoolMelbourne?All three members listed as traders
Henry Sampson 33
Catherine Sampson 34, John P. Sampson 9 & Elizabeth Sampson 3
Tasmania 1853LiverpoolMelbourne?Henry listed as a miner. Catherine nee Rowe. Lived in Newbridge, Sancreed. Catherine's brother Peter also listed aboard.
Samuel & Margaret Sampson and children: Mary, Samuel, Margaret, John and ElizabethRamillies 1853Port Adelaide on 19 May 1853Samuel was the son of Samuel & Keziah Sampson of Ludgvan, Cornwall. Samuel & Margaret Sampson lived Kapunda, Burra , Moonta and Adelaide.
George Henry Burgess 24 & Rebecca Burgess 25 & son Sidney infantNeptune 1853PlymouthRebecca nee Samson a daughter of Richard Samson & Jane Hocking. George & Rebecca settle in Victoria after a time in Sth Aust.
William Sampson 36 Ann Sampson 33 (nee Heanes), Children: William Henry 10, Mary Ann 5 & Samuel Heanes 3Sultana 1854Plymouth 2 Nov 1853Port Adelaide on 3 Feb 1854William the son of Robert & Fanny Sampson of Devon
John Sampson 27Constitution 1855LondonSydney & Newcastle
27 May 1855
John from Shepreth, Cambridge. C of E
Thomas Sampson 43 & Elizabeth Sampson 41 with daughter Elizabeth Grace Sampson 14British Trident 1855LiverpoolMelbourne Jul 1855Thomas listed as a farmer. However, was a teacher in England and settled in Launceston, Tasmania. Thomas the son of Thomas & Sally Sampson of Kea, Cornwall. Elizabeth nee Tasker.
Wm Sampson 49, Elizabeth Sampson 44, ? Sampson 15, ? Sampson 12, John Sampson 8, ? Sampson 6 & ? Sampson 21855LiverpoolMelbourneUnable to read occupation.
William Sampson 20
Christiana Sampson 19
Thomas Arbuthnot 1855Plymouth 9 Jun 1855Port Adelaide 12 Sep 1855William Henry Sampson married Christian/a Prisk 26 May 1855 at Illogan according to Family Search M4FP-L1R. William baptised 11 Jan 1835 at Illogan and died 20 Jun 1880 at Newcastle, NSW. William was the son of James Sampson & Frances Nancarrow.
Edward Sampson & familyBurlington 1857Plymouth 28 Oct 1856Port Adelaide 13 Feb 1857Miner. Part of entry difficult to read. Entry is crossed out.
Joseph Sampson 29
Sarah Sampson 34
Herefordshire 1857Plymouth 24 Feb 1857Sydney 27 May 1857Joseph a horsedriver from Somerset, Wesleyan. Sarah laundress from Somerset, Wesleyan.
James & Susan Sampson Storm Cloud 1858Plymouth 12 Feb 1858Port Adelaide 28 Apr 1858James married Susan Trewhella 5 Nov 1856 at Illogan, Cornwall
William Sampson 24
Ellen Sampson 21
Male infant born on voyage.
Fitzjames 1860Plymouth Sydney 20 Feb 1860William a labourer from Tipperary, Catholic. Ellen wife from Limerick Catholic.
James 40 & Nancy 34 SampsonDover Castle 1861Plymouth 14 Nov 1861Melbourne on 28 Jan 1862James was the son of John & Grace Sampson of Goldsithney, Cornwall. Nancy nee Spear
William Sampson 57 & wife Cath Sampson 55 Children: William Sampson 20 & Richard Hy. Sampson 18Great Britain 1861LiverpoolMelbourne 24 Dec 1861 William Snr dies (newspaper report lists middle aged Richard as dying but this seem to be an error?) at sea 17 Nov. William son of Richard Sampson & Elizabeth Mill of Lelant, Cornwall. Catherine nee Potter. Richard Henry moves to Broken Hill
Stephen SampsonWhite Adder 1863LondonSydneyStephen was a mariner (1st Mate) who seems to have died in port 14 Mar 1863 and buried Camperdown Cemetery. Thought to be son of John Sampson and Catherine Williams of Penzance, Cornwall.
Richard Williams 17Red Jacket 1864LiverpoolMelbourne 21 Dec 1864Richard was the son of Richard & Mary Williams (nee Sampson). Moved to South Australia.
George Sampson 50Suffolk 1862PlymouthMelbourne 7 Nov 1862
Robert Sampson 22Cold Stream 1865London via PlymouthPort Adelaide 5 Jun 1865Labourer from Cornwall
Martin Sampson 18Lady Milton 1865Plymouth 16 Aug 1865Port Adelaide 29 Nov 1865Copper Miner from Cornwall
William 34 & Isabella 24 SampsonAtlanta 1866Plymouth 23 Jan 1866Port Adelaide 15 Apr 1866William a labourer. County written but not legible
James Sampson 28
Jane Sampson 27 Laura Sampson 2
Alma Sampson Inf.
Caduceus 1870PlymouthMelbourne Jan 1870James was a farmer. James was the son of Samuel Sampson of St Agnes. Wife Jane nee Dabb.
George Sampson 70 and Joseph Sampson 16Somersetshire 1871Plymouth 26 Oct 1871Melbourne 27 Dec 1871George a labourer and Joseph a quarryman
Trevenen 23 & Eliza 30 SampsonDunkeld 1873London 16 Jun 1873Port Adelaide 10 Oct 1873Trevenen Sampson farm labourer. Son of Grace Sampson a single woman. Grace a daughter of Thomas Sampson & Margaret Matthews of Ludgvan
James Sampson 35 Mary Sampson 33
Elizabeth Sampson 11 Emma Sampson 8 Mary Sampson 6 John Sampson 3 & William Langford Sampson 1
Hesperus 1874Plymouth 22 Feb 1874AdelaideJames listed as a mine blacksmith. James was born in Tywardreath, Cornwall and was the son of James Sampson of Illogan and his wife Mary Ann Craze.
Mary Sampson nee Langford married James on 21 May 1861 St Cleer. WIlliam Langford Sampson died at sea 31 Mar 1874 .
Arthur Sampson 19Lightning 1876Plymouth 8 Apr 1876Port AdelaideArthur a railway porter
Thomas Sampson 28
Hester Sampson 29
Helen C. Sampson 2
Fred K. Sampson 1
Clyde 1876Plymouth 15 Sep 1876Port Adelaide 21 Dec 1876Thomas & Hester died at Walleroo Mines and are buried with children at Kadina Cemetery. Thomas the son of Richard Sampson & Martha Shaddock see entry Sir Edward Parry 1849
Richard Sampson 19Lochee 1877Plymouth 9 Nov 1876Port Adelaide 1877Agricultural labourer
William Sampson 21
In separate entry:
Catherine Sampson 25
Hannah Sampson 23
Forfarshire 1877Plymouth 6 Jul 1877Port Adelaide 1877William a farmer.

Catherine & Hannah domestic servants. Daughters of John Sampson & Hannah Rosewarne of Germoe, Cornwall.
Maria Sampson 44
Elidge Sampson 17
Fanny Sampson 15
Maria Sampson 5
Tyburnia 1878PlymouthSydneyMaria from Stafford, Methodist. Elidge (male) labourer from York. Fanny general servant from York. Maria student from York.
William H. Sampson 24Hawkesbury 1878PlymouthSydney 18 Sep 1878William a mason from Cornwall.
Mr J Sampson 31, Mrs Sampson 26 & Ellen Sampson 11Cotopaxi 1880LondonMelbourne 26 Nov 1881
Samuel Sampson 31
Martha Sampson 29
Samuel Sampson 5
Martha Sampson 3
Bertha Sampson 1
Forfarshire 1882PlymouthSydney 16 Jan 1882Samuel a joiner from Yorkshire, C of E. Martha and children from Lanchashire, C of E.
William Sampson 26Nerbudda 1883Plymouth Sydney 28 Mar 1883 William a painter from Essex. C of E.
Mary Sampson 39Allanshaw 1883PlymouthSydney 2 May 1883Mary domestic servant from Clare, Catholic
Elizabeth Sampson 46
Mary Jane Sampson 25
Joseph Sampson 18
Ann Sampson 23
Thomas Sampson 10
Abergeldie 1884PlymouthSydney 3 Feb 1884
Hy T. Sampson 26, Ellen Sampson 26 & John Sampson 5Duke of Sutherland 1884LondonSydney 10 Feb 1884
Edward Sampson 33, Celina Sampson 28 & Annie Sampson 3 Also Paul Sampson 23Piotosi 1884Adelaide Edward was a labourer
Mr & Mrs Sampson Massilia 1886LondonSydney 9 May 1886
Mrs J. Sampson 46 and Fred K? Sampson 22Orient 1891Plymouth 23 May 1891AdelaideFred was a farmer.
Mr J. Sampson 35Oruba 1894Southhampton 10 Aug 1894Melbourne
Thomas Sampson 35 Clara Sampson 28 William Sampson 7 Oliver Sampson 5 Miriam Sampson 2 Fanny Sampson 1
Orient 1895Plymouth 17 Nov 1895SydneyThomas was a farmer
Mrs J. Sampson 26 and children: Master J. Sampson 4 & Master S. Sampson 2Ophir 1897PlymouthAdelaide 16 Oct 1897
Eliza Sampson 50 & Samuel Sampson 23John Elder 1880LondonMelbourne 22 Aug 1880Samuel was a mason
Selina Sampson 51, Mary A. Sampson 25, ? Sampson 23, Clarence Sampson 21 , Annie Sampson 17 & Maggie Sampson 11Liguria 1889PlymouthSydney 13 Oct 1889
John Sampson 74 and Miss N. Sampson 33Ophir 1898London 18 Feb 1898Adelaide
Mrs Sampson 26 & Master Sampson 4Empire 1907KobeMelbourne 18 Feb 1907
Miss Sampson 40Empire 1907SydneyMelbourne 21 Nov 1907
Mr Sampson 35Tulane 1909HobartMelbourne 28 Feb 1909
James W. SampsonIrishman 1914Liverpool 21 Mar 1914AdelaideAge 20 with occupation: orchardist
H.E. Sampson 18 Osterley 1923LondonBrisbane 11 Apr 1923Labourer
Mr H. S. Sampson 32, Mrs L.E. Sampson 31 & Master A. R. SampsonOrvieto 1923LondonMelbourne 18 Dec 1923Mr Sampson was listed as a violin maker
James SampsonLargs Bay 1929Southhampton 29 May 1929Melbourne Last address in the UK: 79 Ninth Row,Ashington. James was 16 with an occupation of miner
Henry Sampson 72Strathaird 1936London 21 Feb 1936MelbourneRetired. Last UK address: The Lodge, 18 St George's Sq. London
James Alexander SampsonMaloja 1952London 29 Oct 1952AdelaideLast UK address Thoms, Fordingbridge. Age 68 with occupation: farmer
William SampsonLocksee 1873William was the son of Richard & Nanny Sampson. Married Mary Davies in 1876 Carrieton. Later lived at Warramboo, South Australia