Thomas Pearce Sampson 1893-1963 & Beatrice Evelyn Nicholls 1898-1925 & Rose Ellen Jarvis 1896-1973

Married Beatrice on 28 Dec 1917 at Ironwood, Michigan by Pastor Alfred E. Healey of the First Methodist Church. Witnesses were Wm. M. Nicholls and Annie F. Treloar both of Ironwood. After the death of Beatrice, Thomas married Rose in 1925.

Thomas Pearce Sampson

Second child of William Curnow and Alice White Sampson

Born: 21 Jan 1893 Ludgvan, Cornwall

Died: 6 Jun 1963

Buried:  New Carlisle Cemetery, Clark County, Ohio, USA

Beatrice Evelyn Nicholls (1st wife)

Born: 27 Aug 1898

Immigration: Sailed on the Majestic with her Mum and brother from Southhampton, England and arrived in New York on 9 Oct 1913

Died: 9 Apr 1924 at home 710 Sutherland St., Ironwood, Michigan. Beatrice died six days after giving birth from Lobar Pneumonia

Buried: 14 April 1924 at Riverside Cemetery, Ironwood, Michigan

Rose Ellen Jarvis (2nd wife)

Born: 3 Jun 1895 Cannock, Staffordshire, England

Died: 12 July 1973 Grand View Beach, Mullet Lake, Michigan