Thomas Sampson 1863-1921 & Harriet Rosewall 1864-1922

Married on 9 Oct 1890 at the residence of Thomas Rosewall (Harriet’s Father) in Kooringa, Burra, South Australia

Photo: Thomas & Harriet Sampson at the wedding of their eldest son Thomas Walter Sampson on 28 Nov 1917

Back: Thomas Sampson (Father of bridegroom) Henry Rosewell (Uncle of bridegroom & Best Man), Simeon George Nelson (Brother of bride), Henry “Harry” Sampson(Brother of bridegroom), Albert Charls Nelson (Bride’s Father) and May Pillage, Albert Charles Nelson (Brother of bride) Middle: Harriet Sampson(Mother of bridegroom), Ethel Bunsell, Bessy Nelson (cousin of bride), Thomas Walter Sampson, Alice Myrtle Nelson (Bride), Gloria Nelson (cousin of bride), Martha Nelson (Bride’s Mother) Front: Alfred Alan Nelson (Brother of bride)

Thomas Sampson

Third child of William and Elizabeth Sampson

Born: 13 Jun 1863 Burra, South Australia

Died: 12 Feb 1921 Boulder, Western Australia

Buried: 13 Feb 1921 Boulder Cemetery

Occupation: Dam sinker, miner and wood merchant

Harriet Rosewall

Child of Thomas Rosewall (1843-1919) and Mary Riggs (1841-1879)

Born: 31 May 1864 Karkulto, South Australia

Died: 17 Mar 1922 Boulder, Western Australia

Buried: 19 Mar 1922 Boulder Cemetery


Photo: Thomas & Harriet Sampson as a young couple. It is presumed that they are standing outside their home around the time period 1890-3. It is assumed this is taken in Broken Hill before their move to the goldfields in Western Australia. 

Photo: Assumed to be the home of Thomas & Harriet after their move to Kalgoorlie/Boulder. Persons from left to right: Henry Rosewall (Harriet’s brother), suspect mother with child to be Emmie Sampson (James Sampson’s wife), child in high chair would then be Alex Sampson, Amy Sampson in doorway, Thomas Sampson Jnr with Harriet Sampson holding Harry Sampson.The ages of Harry and Alex would date this image circa1903. This means this is most probably the home located in Hare Street Kalgoorlie. Thomas & Harriet later moved to York Street. 

A well-known resident of the gold-fields, Mr. Thomas Sampson, died at his residence, 23 York Street, Boulder, on February 12, after a severe illness. Some five years ago Mr. Sampson, acting under medical advice, left his employment on the mines and entered into business as a wood merchant and general carrier. Prior to this deceased had been a miner, an occupation which he had followed from his youth in the north of South Australia and other mining centres. He was 57 years of age when the end came, and was born at Kooringa (South Australia). As a youth and a young man he was also engaged with his father and brothers at pioneering work in the back blocks of South Australia at dam sinking and other avocations, a business which members of the family still carry on. Leaving that occupation he proceeded to Broken Hill in the early days of that mining field. Later the call of the West sounded, and during the past 27 years he and his family had resided at Boulder. He was one of the first, with Mr. H. Rosewall, who lived with them for twenty years, to make his home in the district at Golden Gate. Deceased worked on various mines, and for a number of years was a shift boss at the Golden Ridge mine. At Broken Hill he married Miss H. Rosewall, of Kooringa (S.A.). and there are now two sons. The elder, Mr. T. Sampson, is an electrician at the power house, Boulder, and his brother still conducts his late father’s business. At the funeral the chief mourners were Mr. J. Sampson, and Mesdames Hopkins and Grenfell (sisters), Mesdames O’Brien, McKennay and Virgo being unavoidably absent.
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Burial plot for Thomas & Harriet Sampson Headstone reads: In loving memory of our dear father Thomas Sampson who died 12th Feb. 1921 aged 57 years. Also our dear mother Harriet Sampson who died 17th March 1922 aged 57 years. At rest. Erected by their loving sons. Photos taken at Boulder Cemetery on 6 July 2016.