Thomas Hicks 1849-1915 & Elizabeth Ann Perrow 1852-1908
Married on 1 Oct 1870 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall. Witnesses Richard Eddy, Sarah Trembath and Mary Jane Williams(cousin of Thomas).


Thomas Hicks

Second child of John and Grace Hicks

Baptised: 10 Jun 1849 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall. Residence Letcha

Died: 23 Mar 1915 – Age 66 at  Carn Bosavern, St Just in Penwith


Occupation: Tin Miner

Elizabeth Ann Perrow

Parents John Perrow and Elizabeth Carbis

Baptised: 18 Apr 1852 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.

Died: 1908 (Oct-Dec  vol5c p163)Churchtown St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Buried:  Cornwall

Tom lived his whole life around the town of St Just in Penwith. Records indicate that Tom was a tin miner from the age of 13 through all his working life. In the 1911 census Tom indicates that he and Elizabeth had 12 children, yet records identify only 7 of these. The other 5 must have been still born or died very soon after birth. Tom also states in the same census that of the 12 children only 5 were still alive.  His son Thomas died 1903 and son Isaac in 1909. This means that all the others including the youngest in William Hicks were still alive at that time. Elizabeth’s maiden name of Perrow was reused as a middle name for two of her sons  in Isaac and Joseph.
By the 1861 Census for Letcha, Thomas has reached the age of 13 and  is working as a miner with his Dad and brother John.
By the 1871 Census Thomas has married, had his first child and living with his parents
 By the 1881 Census Thomas & Elizabeth had moved to Green Lane in St Just in Penwith
By the 1891 Census Thomas & Elizabeth have moved to Tregeseal, St Just in Penwith
Thomas & Elizabeth in the 1901 Census for Higher Tregeseal, St Just in Penwith
The 1911 Census finds  Thomas  a widower and with him are his daughter Clara and her family.
In 1915 Thomas died at home at the age of 66 from chronic bronchitis.