Isaac Perrow Hicks 1878-1909 & Caroline Chappell 1882-19??

Married on 22 Dec 1900 in the Wesleyan Chapel of St Just in Penwith. Witnesses were Martha Chappell(sister of Caroline) and John Hicks(brother of Isaac)

Isaac Perrow Hicks 

Fourth child of Thomas & Elizabeth Hicks


Born: Oct-Dec 1878 Penzance vol 5c p279

Died:  Age 30 on 6 Nov 1909 in Cape Cornwall St., St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Buried: 10 Nov 1909 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Caroline Chappell

The youngest daughter of Thomas Chappell & Jemima White

Baptised: 12 Mar 1.

Born: Apr-Jun 1882 Penzance vol 5c p291





Isaac lived for 30 years and worked as a tin miner. He and Caroline had three children and two of these died at a very young age. In 1906 Isaac travelled to stay with his brother John in Globe City, Arizona but could not have stayed too long as he had his son of the same name in Isaac Perrow Hicks born in 1908. It is noted that Isaac, his mother-in-law Jemima and his son Isaac all died in the same year of 1909. Isaac died from septicemia and pericarditis. His death occurred in Cape Cornwall Street in St Just. This was likely in the home of his father-in-law Thomas Chappell. The death certificate records that his father Thomas Hicks was present at the time of Isaac’s death.

Isaac as a toddler in the 1881 English Census for St Just in Penwith.

The 1891 English Census finds Isaac a 12 year old and most probably not that far off entering the workforce.

Isaac married Caroline Chappell on 22 Dec 1900 in St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.

Isaac Perrow & Caroline Hicks staying with Caroline’s parents at 26 Cape Cornwall Street, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall in 1901

On his own Isaac travels to the US on the S.S. Empress of Britain arriving  in Quebec, Canada on the 12 Oct 1906. Destination Globe City in Arizona.

Here is a copy of the passenger list for the Empress of Britain. Importantly it is recorded that Isaac was intending to join his brother John Hicks. John was living in Globe, Gila County, Arizona. Other information given on an adjacent page states Isaac’s height as 5 foot 7 inches, with dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes and short one eyebrow.

On 6 Nov 1909 Isaac died from septicemia in the presence of his father.

The 1911 English Census reveals that Caroline had lost her mother and husband. Caroline & Isaac had 3 children but Stanley was the only surviving child.