John Hicks 1877-1958 & Lillie Semmens 1883-1963

Married on 28 Oct 1905 at Globe, Gila County, Arizona, USA.

John Hicks

Third child of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Hicks

Born: 7 Jan 1877 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Died:  27 Mar 1958 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

Buried: Globe Cemetery, Globe, Gila County, Arizona, USA

Occupation: Blacksmith for most of working life and then janitor

Lillie Semmens

Daughter of William & Mary Ellen Semmens

Born: 22 Mar 1883 Ludgvan, Cornwall

Died: 8 May 1963

Buried: Globe Cemetery, Globe, Gila County, Arizona, USA


At the age of 14 John was learning the skills of blacksmithing. By 1903 John decided to travel to Calumet in Michigan to stay with a friend in Jas. Semmens. James Semmens must be a relative of John’s girlfriend Lillie Semmens? Some time after John’s arrival in Michigan he decides to move to Globe City Arizona and is residing in that town by 1905. Later that year Lillie sails on the ship SS St Paul (same ship John travelled out on a few years before) and registered her destnation as friend John Hicks. Lillie arrives in New York on 21 Oct. Within a week  Lillie (22) and John are married in Globe, Arizona on 28 Oct 1905. Over the next decade they have three children in Gladys, Leona and John Jnr. For many years their home address was 380 West Bailey Street in Globe.

The 1881 Census finds John as a young boy of 4 living with his family in Green Lane, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.

The 1891 Census indicates that  John, now 14, was receiving training to be a blacksmith. Family moved to Tregeseal Tenement in St Just inPenwith.

By the 1901 Census John Hicks is a young man of 24 and an accomplished blacksmith who within two years would move to the USA.

The family of Lillie Semmens in the 1901 Census for Lower Quarter, Ludgvan, Cornwall.

John Hicks migrates to the USA arriving in New York on 6 June 1903. Initially he will stay with friend Jas. Semmens in Calumet, Michigan, USA.

Lillie Semmens follows John arriving in New York on 14 Oct 1905.

Marriage license for John Hicks and Lillie Semmens issued Globe City, Arizona.

John & Lillie Hicks with daughters Gladys and Leona in the 1910 US Census for Bailey Street, Globe City, Arizona, USA. 

John & Lillie Hicks with children in the 1920 US Census for West Bailey Street, Globe City, Arizona, USA. 

John, Leona and Gladys listed in the City Directory for Globe in 1928. 

John & Lillie Hicks in the 1930 US Census for Mesquite Street extendent, Globe City, Arizona, USA. 

At the age of 81 John Hicks dies from prostate cancer in Pheonix, Arizona, USA – 1958.