Joseph Wearn/e 1848-1901 & Emily ??? 18??-1???

Cannot pick up a marriage record for this couple and so assume marriage took place in South Africa.

Joseph Wearn/e

Eldest son of James & Christiana Wearn

Born: 25 July 1848 The Murray District, South Australia

Died:  At the age of 52 in Kimberley Hospital, South Africa

Buried: Unknown – in South Africa

Occupation: Farmer and horse breeder in Australia then diamond miner in Kimberley, South Africa


Parents unknown.

Baptised: Unknown

Died: Unknown

Buried: Unknown

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The Walleroo Times and Mining JournalWed 17 Aug 1881 p.4TROVE
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The Walleroo Times and Mining Journal Wednesday 30 Nov 1881 p.3TROVE
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The Walleroo TimesSat 23 Feb 1884 p.3TROVE
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Joseph Wearne was born in 1848 in the Murray District. About 1881, Joseph took up scrub blocks, sections 159 and 160, on the Thomas Plains Road, 7 miles east of Kadina. An 1883 directory shows that Joseph and his brother James Sampson were farming there but by 1904 these sections were owned by other farmers. It is most probable that Joe married Emily, either in South Africa as no marriage record can be found from an Australian source. Their daughter Ruby was born in 1887 in Kimberley, South Africa.

Joseph Wearn’s South Afircan death information form and death notice form of 1901

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