Ann Wearn/e 1849-1918 & Robert John Langmaid Mashford 1838-1911

Married on 22 Jan 1870 in the residence of James Wearn/e Walleroo Mines, South Australia.

Ann Wearn/e

Third child of James & Christiana Wearn/e

Born: 24 Aug 1849 Murray District, South Australia

Died:  At the age of 68 on 16 Apr 1918 Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa

Buried: Kimberley West End Cemetery, South Africa

Robert John Langmaid Mashford

Son of Robert & Hannah Mashford

Born: 1838 Plympton, St Mary, Devon

Died: At 4 Pound Road, West End, Kimberley, South Africa at the age of 72 on 20 Jun 1911.

BuriedKimberley West End Cemetery, South Africa

Occupation: Copper miner, wheat farmer and diamond miner

Annie and Robert’s wedding notice appeared in the South Australian Register Tue 1 Feb 1870 p8 (TROVE)

The farming properties belonging to Robert and his brother-in-law John Wearne are identified and tends to indicate that they both sold their properties at the same time with the view to move to the diamond mines in South Africa. Reported  in the South Australian Register Tue 10 Mar 1885 p7 (TROVE)

Robert advertises for the sale of his farm in the  Walleroo Times Wed 20 Jan 1886 p3 (TROVE)