Thomas Walter Sampson 1894-1954 & Alice Myrtle Nelson 1897-1976

Married on 28 Nov 1917 at Boulder, Western Australia.

Photo: The wedding of Thomas Walter Sampson & Alice Myrtle Nelson on 28 Nov 1917 at Boulder, Western Australia

Back: Thomas Sampson (Father of bridegroom) Henry Rosewell (Uncle of bridegroom & Best Man), Simeon George Nelson (Brother of bride), Henry “Harry” Sampson(Brother of bridegroom), Albert Charls Nelson (Bride’s Father) and May Pillage, Albert Charles Nelson (Brother of bride) Middle: Harriet Sampson(Mother of bridegroom), Ethel Bunsell, Bessy Nelson (cousin of bride), Thomas Walter Sampson, Alice Myrtle Nelson (Bride), Gloria Nelson (cousin of bride), Martha Nelson (Bride’s Mother) Front: Alfred Alan Nelson (Brother of bride)





Thomas Walter Sampson

Eldest son of Thomas and Harriet Sampson

Born: 11 April 1894 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Died: 28 May 1954 Perth, Western Australia

Buried: Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth, Western Australia

Occupation: Electrical engineer

Alice Myrtle Nelson

Child of Albert & Martha Nelson

Born: 18 June 1897

Died: 26 Oct 1976, Western Australia

Buried:  Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth, Western Australia


Photo: Thomas & Alice Sampson outside Wesley Church in Perth on the day of their daughter Evelyn’s wedding – 23 Dec 1950 

Photo: This handmade electric organ was constructed by Thomas and was completed in 1949. Clock was placed on the organ for the photograph! Photos of youngest daughter and son placed on top of organ. 

Tom became an electrical engineer with the Power Corporation in Boulder.It is believed that by 1926 the family had relocated to Perth with Tom working for Harris Scarfe and Sandover Ltd. After some time he took up a position with the East Perth Power Station