Clara Sampson 1858-1910 & David Prothero 1846?-1903

Married on 13 Jun 1877 at the residence of the bride’s parents in Bridge Street East, Kooringa, Burra, South Australia

Photo: Clara Prothero 
Photo: David Prothero (taken in Adelaide)

Clara Sampson

Third child of John & Susan Sampson

Born: 24 Aug 1859 Burra, South Australia

Died: 31 Jan 1910 Perth, Western Australia

Buried: Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth, Western Australia

Occupation: Home duties and eating house manager

David Prothero

Eldest son of David and Ann Prothero

Born: Abt. 1846 in Wales

Died: 29 Jun 1903 Perth, Western Australia

Buried: Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth, Western Australia

Occupation: Farm labourer, green grocer, engine driver for mines in Kalgoorlie

In 1876, as a government assisted immigrant, David boarded the ship Lightning for the voyage to the Colony of South Australia. Of interest to note is that he gave his last occupation as that of a farm labourer. His voyage became dramatic when the ship hit sand in broad daylight three miles south-west of the Troubridge Shoal Lighthouse in St Vincent’s Gulf. The ship was on its final approach to Adelaide when the captain seems to have made an error in judgement. All passengers were rescued. The ship was later refloated after the cargo was removed. The article below outlines this event.
The Argus Sat 8 Jul 1876 p.7 TROVE
Photo: Clara with Henry, Clarice and Bertha 
About a year after David’s arrival in South Australia he married Clara at the home of her parents in Bridge Street East, Kooringa. Kooringa and other surrounding settlements later became known as the town of Burra. They were living at Jamestown (1879) when their son Henry was born. By the time of the arrival of their second child (1880) they were residing in Quorn. By 1884 they had relocated to Jetty Road, Glenelg, a coastal suburb of Adelaide. In that year David was involved in a coroner’s inquest as he was one of the last to see a man named Jo alive. Later that same year their beloved daughter, Susan died at the age of 14 months. Susan was buried at St Jude’s Cemetery at Brighton. During this period of time David was often listed as agent for the South Australian Advertiser and two other papers. In 1889 the family moved to Argent Street Broken Hill. David took an interest in local govenment affairs by adding his name to election notices as shown below. In the1890 notice he is described as a fruiterer. Later newspaper articles indicate that by 1897 the family moved to Kalgoorlie. Western Australian shipping records reveal a D. Prothero arriving in Albany from Adelaide on the S.S. Bullarra on 15 May 1894. In June of 1897 Clara was granted a eating house licence and was operating this business from the corner of Wilson and Forrest Streets in Kalgoorlie. This site is located opposite the Kalgoorlie railway station which opened in September of 1896. In 1899 there was a deed of separation in place between David and Clara. Clara had the children with her at the eating house. After a fire destroyed the eating house Clara stayed at David’s place (assumed to be near Golden Gate – article of lost papers suggests this location). David seems to have worked as an engine driver for the mines in Kalgoorlie and later at Mertondale. At the age of 57 David was suffering from kidney disease and passed away in a hospital in Perth on 29 June 1903. In 1905 Clara remarried to Patrick George Smyth. Clara died in a Perth hospital in 1910 at the age of 50. Clara was buried in the same plot with David in the Anglican section of Karrakatta Cemetery.
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