Mary Jane Williams 1845-1???

Mary Jane Williams

Eldest child of Richard & Mary Williams

Baptised: 14 Sep 1845, St  Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Died: Unknown

Buried: Unknown

Siblings: Richard 1847, Thomas 1849 & Thomas Sampson 1852

Occupation: tin dresser, assistant fruiterer


Mary Jane Williams was baptised on 14 Sep 1845 and at that time her family were living in Carnyorth. The family was still living in  Carnyorth when her brothers in Richard and Thomas were baptised on 22 Jul 1849. Thomas died the very next year and was buried  on 9 Jul 1850 at the St Just church. The burial record indicates that the family had moved and were living in Churchtown. By the time of the 1851 census the family was living in North Place, Lafrowda, St Just in Penwith. The 1851 census reveals that the next son born was also given the name of Thomas and was one month of age when the census was taken. This Thomas was given the middle name of Sampson and was baptised on 8 Dec 1852 at St Just in Penwith. The census record for 1851 is given below:





The 1861 census describes Mary Williams as a widow of 46 years of age and she had an occupation listed as Char Woman and lived in Bosorne, St Just in Penwith. With Mary are her two surviving children in Mary Jane Williams 15, tin dresser and Richard Williams 14 a tin miner. What follows is the census entry for 1861:

Mary is now a fruitrer aged 56 with her home in Fore Street, St Just in Penwith. Her daughter Mary Jane is with her. Mary Jane’s occupation is given as an Assistant. Assume Mary Jane helped her Mum with the fruit business. A copy of the 1871 census is provided below:

In Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall 1873, under the town of St Just in Penwith, Mary appears to be listed as Wlliams, Mary (Mrs) shopkeeper, Fore Street. However after this we lose track of Mary and her daughter Mary Jane. Further research needed: What happened to Mary Williams and her daughter Mary Jane Williams? They do not appear in the 1881 census.