John Sampson 1717-1798 & Mary Wood 1722-1780
Married 29 Jan 1743 at Crowan Parish Church, Crowan, Cornwall

John Sampson

Youngest son of Thomas & Christian Sampson (nee Repper)

Born: About Jun 1717 at Kenneggy Vean  Farm, Breage.

Baptised: 2 Jul 1717 at Sithney Parish Church, Sithney.

Died: 13 Aug 1798, Drym Farm, Crowan.

Buried: 29 Aug 1798, Crowan Parish Church, Crowan.

Occupation: Yeoman farmer

 Mary Wood

Daughter of James Wood

Baptised: Assumed to be 5 Nov 1722 at Crowan Parish Church, Crowan (Note the baptismal register page is badly damaged and the Christian name is unclear.)

Died: 1 Mar 1780 Drym Farm, Crowan.

Buried: 5 Mar 1780 Crowan Parish Church, Crowan.

John was probably born at Kenneggy vean Farm, Breage, and for some unknown reason was baptised at Sithney;  ‘ John Sampson was baptised on 2 Jul 1717 the son of Thomas Sampson de [of] Breag[e]’. He moved to Drym with his parents as a little boy of 7 or 8, which he was given, with his brother William, in 1738. John also leased Lwer Prospidnick, Sithney 16 Sep 1760 and parts of Drym, Crowan 29 Jun 1770 to 12 Mar 1783. He witnessed the marriage of John Williams and Dorothy Symons at Crowan 15 May 1754. He wrote his will on the 10 Aug 1797. It was witnessed by his daughter-in-law Honor Sampson and Christopher Wallis, a solicitor, in Helston.

He married Mary Wood (after-banns over three Sundays) at Crowan 29 Jan 1743 (according to the 1889 copy of the original eighteeth century register)

 It is said that the Sampsons were regarded as gentry, or at least regarded themselves as such. They had a magnificient carriage (mentioned in his will)  to take them to church on Sunday. The most impressive of the carriages outside the church after the St Aubyn’s carriage. However, it is also said that the lived above their means. 

In the Crowan burial register there are two entries for a burial of John Sampson on the 14 Aug and the 29 Aug 1798, although there is no prove, I’m unaware of any other John Sampsons so assume this is an administrative error that the vicar possible remembered back and couldn’t remember if it was the 29 or 14 and put both. 

In the tax records at the National Archives it says:  ‘19th August 1798 under £300 John Sampson of Crowan, Yeoman – John and Richard Sampson, his executor. Thomas Sampson all that part of Estate, messauges, garden & orchards and Land called Prospidnick together with a croft called Hawkey’s Croft to hold to him, his heirs, during his lease therein. john Trevenen, grandson, twenty-pounds, William Sampson all those lands and premises called Spernon to hold therein, Also the sum of forty-pounds [IR 26/339/164] National Archives, Kew