Breage Burials

List numberNameDateDescriptionNotes
Thomas Sampson25 Aug? 1640Son of ThomasAssumed to be the Thomas Sampson who married Dorothia Cara in 1612
Jane Sampson17 Sep 1692Widow from KenegeAssumed to be Jana Perro who married Raldulphus Sampson in 1629
James Sampson6? Aug 1693Son of William.Inkblot over month
Rich Sampson27 May 1695
Thomas Sampson1 Aug 1698
Ralph Sampson1 Jan 1698/9
Margaret Sampson13 Jan 1698/9
Eleonor Sampson17 Jan 1698/9Buried at GermoAssumed to be Eleanor Tocker wife of Edward Sampson.
Grace Sampson5 Nov 1705
Mary Sampson28 Nov 1705
John Sampson22 Jan 1708Son of James
Alexander Sampson1 Mar 1708
Jenipher Sampson30 Jan 1710
Duins Sampson13 May 1713
Ed. Sampson3 Feb 1713Entry reads "The scribes mother Ed. Sampson
Jane Sampson26 Jun 1716
James Sampson28 Oct 1716
James Sampson5 Oct 1727
William Sampson23 Dec 1730
William Sampson31 Jan 1730
Edward Sampson30 Nov 1733
James Sampson17 Jan 1738
George Sampson20 Feb 1741
John Sampson25 Feb 1743
Thomas Sampson16 Nov 1744
George Sampson5 Mar 1745
Thomas Sampson5 May 1747
Elizabeth Sampson16 May 1747
Mary Samson7 May 1755Daughter of John Samson
Honour Sampson5 Aug 1757
Thomas Samson 7 Dec 1758
Catherine Sampson25 Dec 1758
Mary Sampson15 Jan 1760
Elizabeth Sampson17 Jan 1760
John Sampson21 Mar 1761
John Sampson14 Mar 1764
Christian Sampson9 Nov 1764
Timothy Sampson17 Mar 1765
Margaret Sampson21 Mar 1767
Ralph Sampson23 Dec 1769
Honour Sampson5 Nov 1771
Ann Sampson3 Mar 1773
Elizabeth Sampson19 Dec 1775
Ralph Sampson4 Jan 1780
Jane Sampson14 Mar 1780
John Sampson29 Apr 1780
Timothy Sampson18 Jun 1781
George Sampson17 Apr 1782
John Sampson29 Jul 1785Age 48
John Sampson28 Nov 1785Age 20
Christian Sampson31 Dec 1785Age 20
Christian Sampson18 Nov 1788Age 1
Mary Sampson30 Mar 1789Age 25
George Sampson11 Apr 1789Age 2
Ralph Sampson3 May 1795 Age 61
Mary Sampson15 May 1801Age 69
Mary Sampson8 May 1802Age 1
Richard Sampson26 Jan 1804Age 85
Honor Sampson5 Mar 1805Age 70 (Germo)
Sampson Sampson31 Mar 1809Age 78
Richard Sampson5 May 1811Age 47
Jane Sampson1 Jan 1815Age 88
Richard Sampson21 Feb 1821Age 47. Resident of Kenneggy.
John Sampson9 Dec 1826Infant -residence Trelegga.
John Sampson26 Jun 1832Age 25. Resident of Kenneggy Downs.
George Sampson2 Jul 1832Age 75. Resident of Broadlane.
Edward Williams Sampson22 May 1837Infant - resident of Penzance.
James Sampson11 Feb 1839Age 32. Resident of St Blazey
James Sampson12 Sep 1840Infant - resident of Germo
Thomas Sampson10 Dec 1840Age 46. Resident of Ashtown.
Honor Sampson15 Jun 1842Age 7. Resident of Ashtown.
Honor Litchen Sampson19 Jan 1843Age 10 months. Resident of Germo.
Thomas Sampson15 Oct 1843Infant - resident of Ashdown
Hannah Sampson9 Feb 1845Age 83. Resident of Germo.
James Sampson30 Nov 1846Age 1. Resident of Ashtown.
William Sampson27 Feb 1853Age 83. Resident of Keneggy Downs.
Jane Sampson7 Mar 1853Age 88. Resident of Breage.
Edwin Sampson30 Oct 1855Age 4. Resident of Crowan
Esther Anne Sampson7 Nov 1855Age 14 months. Resident of Crowan.
Matilda SampsonMay 1859Age 28. Resident of Trenear.Date assumed from sequence.
Jane Sampson30 Aug 1860Age 88. Resident of Keneggie Downs.
John J Sampson25 Sep 1861Age 7. Resident of Hendra
Alice James Sampson5 Feb 1862Age 6 months. Resident of Hendra.
George Sampson31 Aug 1862Age 2. Resident of Hendra.
Elizabeth Sampson8 Dec 1874Age 68. Resident of Trevena.
Jane Maria Sampson11 Jun 1880Age 72. Resident of Ashtown.
John Sampson16 Aug 1885Age 85. Resident of Ashton
William Sampson6 Nov 1888Age 85. Resident of Union House.
Alfred James Wellington Sampson14 Jun 1892Age 6 weeks. Resident of Hendra, S Breage.
Nanny Sampson10 Jan 1893Age 71. Resident of Hendra, S Breage.
Alice Mary Sampson10 Feb 1895Age 7. Resident of Hendra.
Richard Sampson8 Feb 1897Age 72. Resident of Hendra.
Caroline Sampson22 Jan 1902Age 78. Resident of Ashton.
Susannah Sampson7 Dec 1906Age 89.Resident of Churchtown Breage.
Elizabeth Oates Sampson16 Feb 1917Age 81. Resident of the Helston Union.
Mary Kitto Sampson4 May 1919Age 72. Resident of Trevorcas, Ashton, Breage.
Trevenen James Sampson2 Dec 1931Age 82. Resident of Treworwas, Breage.
John Trevenen Sampson26 Nov 1940Age 65. Resident of Treworwas, Breage.