Ludgvan Burials

List no.NameDateDescriptionNotes
1Jane Samson30 May 1684Daughter of Samuel Samson
2Margaret Samson30 May 1684Daughter of Samuel Samson
3Elenor Samson8 Mar 1693Widow
4Keneth Samson or
?nelm Sampson
18 Mar 1703
5Samuel Sampson4 Sep 1713
6 Jane Sampson20 Feb 1715
7Jacob Sampson12 Nov 1716Son of Samuel Sampson
8Willmatt Sampson27 Nov 1716
9Willmatt Sampson or Willmot Samson29 Mar 1719Daughter of William Sampson
10Mary Sampson2 Dec 1729
11Samuel Sampson18 Jul 1736
12William Sampson14 Feb 1737
13Frances Sampson7 Jul 1742Wife of John Sampson
14Mary Sampson26 Nov 1742Wife of William Sampson
15William Sampson12 Dec 1742
16Joan Sampson12 May 1743Widow
17Margery Samson7 Mar 1745Widow
18 William Sampson1 Jul 1747Son of Samuel Sampson
19Mary Samson16 Jun 1755
20Samuel Samson13 Nov 1756
21Margery Samson17 Nov 1759
22Margery Samson12 Jun 1760
23Colan Sampson Jr3 May 1764
24Martin Sampson9 Feb 1767Base son of Joan Sampson
25Mary Sampson2 Apr 1767Daughter of Richard Sampson
26John Sampson31 Aug 1767
27Colan Samson29 Dec 1769
28 William Sampson22 Aug 1774
29Richard Sampson7 Aug 1775Were interred some Human Bones supposed to have been those of one Richard Sampson who had been missing about two years, and which were found in the bottom of a shaft.
30Samuel Sampson21 Jul 1777
31Bridget Sampson? Oct 1781
32Mary Sampson10 Sep 1787Age 63
33Elizabeth Sampson10 Jan 1788Age 29
34Grace Sampson5 Aug 1792Age 38
35Edward Sampson12 Jun 1797Age 5
36Richard Sampson24 Jun 1801Age 14
37Thomas Sampson27 Jan 1803Age 50
38Jennifer Sampson30 Mar 1807Age 4
39Joseph Sampson9 Feb 1816Age 18. Residence Ludgvan
40 William Sampson8 Mar 1816Age 45. Residence Ludgvan
41Catherine Sampson17 Feb 1820Age 80. Residence Ludgvan
42Meriam Sampson25 Jun 1821Age 70. Residence Ludgvan
43Meriam Sampson27 Aug 1821Age 25. Residence Ludgvan
44John Sampson2 Dec 1834Age 1. Residence Carvossa
45Gideon Warren Semmens Sampson19 Apr 1836Age 1 month. Residence Vellanoweth
46Sarah Sampson27 Dec 1842Age 81. Residence Trenowin
47Gideon Sampson16 Apr 1843Age 3. Residence Vellanoweth
48Richard Sampson1 Feb 1845Age 86. Resident of Union Workhouse
49Samuel Sampson17 Dec 1846Age 47. Resident of Canon's Town.
50Thomas Sampson11 Jan 1847Age 57. Resident of White Cross.
51Mary Sampson28 Oct 1859Age 76. Resident of the Union Workhouse.
52Eliza Trevenen Sampson7 Oct 1874Age 11 weeks. Resident of Tregarthen.
53Richard Sampson22 Jan 1876Age 12 months. Resident of Nanceddan.
54Mary Elizabeth Sampson24 Sep 1877Age 12. Resident of Truthwall.
55Richard Sampson23 Mar 1881Age 1 year & 5 months. Resident of Crowlas
56Jane Sampson7 Feb 1883Age 56. Resident of Crowlas.Headstone in cemetery reveals: Wife of Thomas Sampson
57Elizabeth Sampson27 Aug 1884Age 42. Resident of Nanceddan.
58Thomas Sampson16 Oct 1885Age 77. Resident of Union Workhouse.
59Jenifer Sampson14 Oct 1886Age 72. Resident of Angewednack.
60Thomas Sampson26 Sep 1889Age 66. Resident of Crowlas.Headstone reveals husband of Jane Sampson (row 56)
61Mary Sampson29 Sep 1900Age 70. Resident of Mount's View.
62John Sampson9 Mar 1904Age 35. Resident of Trenowan Downs Ludgvan.
63William Sampson28 Mar 1924Age 42. Resident of Tregender Hill.
64Mary Sampson24 Dec 1931Age 82. Resident of Tregender Hill Ludgvan.