George Grenfell Sampson 1904-1936 & Florence Pearce 1905-1994

Married on 24 Feb 1926 at Broken Hill, New South Wales

Photo top: The wedding of George & Florence 1926. Left side is Allen Sampson and right side is Silby Jarrett Photo bottom left: George Sampson undated Photo bottom right: Florence Pearce undated 

George Grenfell Sampson

Third child of George and Sarah Sampson

Born: 7 May 1904 Burra, South Australia

Died: 5 Dec 1936 Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Buried: Kalgoorlie Cemetery, Western Australia

Florence Pearce

Daughter of Joseph Henry Pearce (1869-1933) & Florence Coumbe (1870-1941)

Born: 24 Mar 1905 Broken Hill, New South Wales

Died: 24 May 1994 Adelaide, South Australia