Cecil George Sampson 1891-1944 & Elsa H. Heine 1894-1915 & Ethel G. Bowden 1882-1965

Cec married Elsa on 26 Mar 1913 at the Christian Church at Port Pirie. After death of Elsa, Cec married Ethel in 1922.

Cecil “Cec” George Sampson

Fourth child of William & Lavina Sampson

Born: 1891 at Broken Hill, New South Wales

Died: 5 Jun 1944 at Port Pirie, South Australia

Buried: Port Pirie Cemetery

Occupation: Mill worker, cleaner, smelter worker & waterside worker

Elsa Helena Heine

Daughter of Johann H. Emil Heine (1860-19??) & A. E. Pauline Walter (1871-1960)

Born: 20 Sep 1894 Port Pirie, South Australia

Died: 19 Dec 1915 Port Pirie, South Australia

Buried: Port Pirie Cemetery

Ethel Grace Bowden

Daughter of Richard Wills Bowden (1846-1911) & Mary Jane Bennetts (1855-1902)

Born: 17 Aug 1882 Parkside, Adelaide, South Australia

Died: 25 Nov 1965 Port Pirie, South Australia

Buried: 28 Nov 1965 Port Pirie Cemetery

Mr Cec Sampson Well Known Here
The death is reported of Mr. Cecil George Sampson (53), a veteran waterside worker and popular resident of the town. He came to Pirie when the port was more or less in its infancy as a shipping centre and the Baltic wharf was then in the course of construction. He witnessed through the years the steady development of Pirie’s shipping facilities.
Retiring from the wharf three years ago Mr. Sampson spent the remaining two years in hospital. About six weeks ago while he was walking about the hospital grounds he had a fall which caused a sudden lapse which he never rallied.
Mr. Sampson was born at Broken Hill. He was the second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. William Sampson. Mrs. Sampson is a resident of Solomontown. The family moved to Pirie when deceased was seven years of age. When he left school Mr. Sampson worked in Martin’s chaff mill and spent six months in the service of South Australian Railways as a cleaner.
He entered the Smelters as a young man and was on contract work on the bridge when Mr. W. Watts was foreman. Among, the men he worked with at that time we’re Messrs. C. Tatham, Mal. Norton, and Jack Howard.
Mr. Sampson worked for B.H.P. and later B.H.A.S. for about six years. In the early twenties he went on the wharf. He was a member of the Waterside
Workers’ Federation until his death-about 20 years. As a young man, Mr. Sampson was noted for his strength and fine physique. At one time he took a
prominent part in the activities of U.A.O.D. in Pirie and was a past arch of that lodge. For a period he was secretary of. the W.W.F.. Sport did not appeal to him, although his son, George (now in the R.A.A.F.) was a prominent player at football in Pirie before the war. Deceased was married in Pirie in 1913 to Miss Elsie Heine, who died two years later after, giving birth to an only son. Mr. Sampson again married in 1922 to Mrs. Ethel Grace Donaldson, who survives. He
has left a. son,George (R.A.A.F.). ; stepson, Reg. Donaldson (R.A.A.F.), and two step-daughters, Mesdames S.Burgess and F. Dienhorf (both of Pirie-).
Pastor A.. R. Pigdon conducted theservice, at the graveside when his remains were laid to rest in Pirie Cemetery. Pallbearers were Messrs. F. J. Sloan, A. G. Fiebig, E. Johanning, C.0. Carlson, A. Edwards, and W. A. Taylor, all representing Pirie branch of Waterside Workers’ Federation.

(Source: Recorder Wed 14 Jun 1944 p4 – Corrections made to original which stated that Cec married in 1911 to Elsie Iney )

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