William Thomas Sampson 1896-1943 & Clara E. Cooper 1888-1925

Married 1 Sep 1913 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Photo:  Seeking family photo

Left to right: L

William “Will” Thomas Sampson

Sixth child of William & Lavina Sampson

Born: 1896 in Broken Hill, News South Wales

Died: 18 Mar 1943


Occupation: Waiter then local carrier

Clara Emma Cooper

Daughter of William Cooper (1839-1929) & May Ann Chamberlain Baker (1846-1902)

Born: Aug 1888 in Newbold on Avon, Warwick, England

Died: 11 May 1925 Adelaide, South Australia

Buried: West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide

 Recorder Fri 19 Mar 1943 p.1 TROVE
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