Violet Jean Sampson 1921-1996 & Harold W. Pearce 1915-2002
Married 3 Aug 1940 at the Kooringa Methodist Church, Burra, South Australia

Photo: Olive Sampson stroking dog with Violet Sampson (circa 1926)
Photo: From left to right: Olive Sampson, Millie Sampson and Violet Sampson (circa1937)
Photo:Harold Pearce and Violet Sampson on their wedding day (1940) 

Violet Jean Sampson

Third child of Clem & Olive Sampson

Born: 19 Apr 1921 Burra, South Australia

Died: 25 Sep 1996 Kelmscott, Western Australia

Buried: Ashes with parent’s plot Esperance Cemetery

Harold William Pearce

Eldest son of Clem W. Pearce & Winifred I. Jones

Born: 27 Aug 1915 Burra, South Australia

Died: 21 Jan 2002 Harvey, Western Australia

Buried: Ashes with parents in law plot, Esperance Cemetery

Occupation: Farm hand, cobbler then farmer

During earlier years, Harold worked in the pastoral industry, part of this time with the Kellock’s on Thistle Beds Station. He then worked with Perce Byrne and learnt the trade of shoe repairing and making. During World War II he was manpowered making footwear with Rossitter Brothers, Unley, South Australia. After the war he went to Renmark, taking over footwear repairing in Mr E.C. Boehm’s (Violet’s uncle) shoe store. In the late 1940s, Harold left Renmark and puchased a property at Lobethal, South Australia, but this was sold when it was decided to join the Sampsons in farming at Esperance, Western Australia

Burra Record Wed 4 Jan 1928 p.3 TROVE Vi promoted to Grade 2
Burra Record Wed 13 May 1931 p.3 TROVE Vi singing solo 
Burra Record Wed 13 Jun 1934 p.2 TROVE Vi receiving honour certificate
Burra Record Tue 27 July 1937 p.2 TROVE Surprise party for Vi and Albert
Burra Record Tue 6 Aug 1940 p.2 TROVE The wedding report for Vi & Harold’s big day.
Burra Record Tue 30 May 1939 p.2 TROVE Obituary notice for Harold’s father