Ronald Clem Sampson 1919-2011 & Madge Aughey 1918-1992
Married in 1939 at the Kooringa Methodist Church, South Australia.

George & Mary Elizabeth Grenfell with children
Photo: Ron & Madge Sampson on their wedding day at Kooringa, South Australia in 1939 .

Ronald Clem Sampson

Second child of Clem and Olive Sampson

Born: 30 Aug 1919 Burra, South Australia

Died: 26 Mar 2011 Esperance, Western Australia

Buried: Esperance Cemetery

Occupation: Earth moving contractor, dam sinker and farmer

Madge Aughey

Daughter of Arthur Canard Aughey and Elizabeth Hilda Evans

Born: 2 Jul 1918, South Australia.

Died: 5 May 1992 Esperance, Western Australia

Buried: Esperance Cemetery

Upon leaving school Ron went to Western Australia working with his father. He arrived home in Burra for Christmas about 1937 seriously ill with what turned out to be  typhoid fever which unfortunately recurred the following December. For a time he operated a fruit and vegetable business in Burra but later returned to Kalgoorlie. For a good period during World War II Ron, and the Caterpillar D.4 tractor and equipment, were manpowered/requisitioned by the Public Works Department, working mostly on aerodromes for the Allied Works Council. After this he returned to Kalgoorlie and continued contracting.

In 1946 the family earthmoving business was renamed W.C. Sampson and Sons and operated from 15 Oberthur Street, Kalgoorlie. About this time Woolibar Station was taken over and a great deal of work was undertaken in improving it before it was disposed of. Ron withdrew from the partnership before Woolibar was sold and purchased a large Allis-Calmers HD.19 Crawler tractor, with equipment, and went clearing and dam sinking in the Narrogin-Kondinin area. In 1949 he became extremely interested in the country around Esperance, Western Australia, and took up some virgin country in the Dalyup region west of Esperance. He began developing this in 1950. The end result being a very nice property which was sold in 1980. Ron was councillor of the Esperance Road Board for one period.