Felix Norman Tucker 1893-1954 & Myrtle Ivy McKenzie 1892-1940
Married 14 Jan 1919 at Bonnie Doon, Victoria

Felix “Norman” Tucker 

Second child of Felix Tanner and Effie Sampson

Born: 4 Aug 1893 Bonnie Doon, Victoria

Died:  24 Aug 1954 Adelaide, South Australia

Buried: West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, South Australia

Occupation: timber worker, labourer and lorry driver

Myrtle Ivy McKenzie

Daughter of Henry Milne McKenzie (1850-1910) & Grace Groves (1859-1939)

Born: 1 Oct 1893 Norwood, South Australia

Died: 21 Oct 1940 Broken Hill, New South Wales

Buried: Broken Hill Cemetery, New South Wales

It is apparent that in his youth, Norman played football for the West team and made some headlines when he took on boxing against an opponent from the South team. It did not go so well for Norman as the article “Gerrard defeats Tucker” outlines below. In 1930 Norman and Myrtle were living at 154 Wills street but by 1934 were living at 84 Harris Street in Broken Hill. Whilst the Australian Electroral Rolls for the 1930s describe Norman as a labourer, the article below titled “Men injured” specifically mentions that Norman was a lorry driver working for the Zinc Corporation.

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