Walter W. Sampson 1889-1946 & Edith Manfield 1883-1964
Married in the Napperby Congregational Church by the Rev. J. Holten in 1913

Walter William “Wally” Sampson

Third child of William & Lavina Sampson

Born: 1889 in Broken Hill, New South Wales

Died: 16 Mar 1946 at Port Pirie, South Australia

Buried: Port Pirie Cemetery, South Australia

Occupation: Electrical linesman

Edith “Edie” Aldergrove Manfield

Daughter of John Manfield (1853-1923) and Sarah Louise Hill (1855-1933)

Born: 25 Oct 1883 at sea on the ship Aldergrove

Died: 12 Sep 1964

Buried: Port Pirie Cemetery, South Australia

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Sampson of Grey Terrace

Sixty guests attended the silver wedding celebrations of Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Sampson, of Grey terrace, Solomon town, held in St. Barnabas’ Hall. The couple, who have been many years; in Pirie, were married in Napperby Congregational Church by Rev. J. Holten,in 1913.
Mrs. Sampson’s maiden name was Edith Manfield, and she was born on a vessel coming from England to Australia in 1884. Both parties to the marriage had spent most of their lives round this district.
Mr. A. Dallaway was in charge of the festivities at St. Barnabas’. Relatives and Mends took along a magnificent array of silver gifts. On behalf of the guests Mr. A. Swensson, sen., congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Sampson upon having reached the twenty-fifth milestone happily together. He expressed the hope that those present would assemble again for the golden wedding anniversary. Mr. Sampson acknowledged the wishes expressed, and Mr. Dallaway also made a congratulatory speech.
Cards passed away a happy evening. During the preparations for supper Mrs. Swensson sang a solo and Miss K. Reinschmidt and Mr. Sampson contributed recitations. On behalf of the Whist Club Mr. W. Murray presented a smoker’s companion and casserole to Mr. and Mrs. Sampson, with best wishes. The supper tables were decorated in lavender and pink, and prominent there on was a two-tiered “wedding” cake, made and iced by Mrs. Sampson.
Those Present
The guests were:—
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Dallaway, Mr. and Mrs; R.Diamond, Mr. and Mrs. R. Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. H. Munn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. T. Manfield, Mr. and Mrs. T. Errington, Mr. and Mrs. Swensson, Mr. and Mrs. Tomsett, Mr. and Mrs. W. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. W. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. T. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Webb.
Mesdames Jacobsen, Symonds, Hoare, Errington, Jeffrey, Wilson, Turner, Craddock, Riggs.
Misses H. Errington, P. Hawke, L. Lorenzo, B. Brown, K. Cleary, Reinschmidt, Sando, D. Turner.
Messrs. H. G. Sampson, T. Manfield, J. Webb, D. Matters, M. Sampson, J. Richardson, and A. Pelham.

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Headstone for Walter William Sampson in the Port Pirie Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Faithe Jones from Find a Grave