page jump

Create a Page Jump #

First, switch to the Text Editor if you’re not already using it by clicking the tab above where you enter body text for your page or post. The link that starts it (the ‘Click me’) is written like this:

<a href="#unique-identifier">Click me</a>

Note the #

The anchor point where the above link goes to is written like this:

<a name="unique-identifier">See?</a>

The #unique-identifier in the ‘Click me’ link matches the name attribute of the anchor, which is name="unique-identifier".

So you could have <a href="#another-identifier">Jump 2</a> to <a name="another-identifier">Place 2</a>

Top ↑

Sending Readers to the Top #

At the beginning of the post or page, add this before all of the other HTML:

<a name="top"></a>

and anywhere you want a link that will bring the reader back to the top of the page, you put this:

<a href="#top">top</a>