CORRECTION: The Thomas baptised 29 Dec 1714 at Breage was buried at Crowan on 11 Jan 1747. This page will be updated at a future time to replace the error in the above table.

Thomas was 20 when he married Christian. Christian was the daughter of William and English Ripper, also from Breage.

Thomas and Christian has 12 children at Kenneggy and Drym Farm. The baptisms for the first eight children were all in Breage Church. In about 1715/16 it looks like they moved to Drym Farm, Crowan. Their last child Mary was baptised in Crowan in 1724 the same year as her father, Thomas was Churchwarden. Tom wrote his will on 12 May 1738 and mentions his wife, Christian, his sons George, William and Mary (under 21). He leaves his estate in Breage, possibly ‘Redallon or Huthnance’ {difficult to decipher} to George and to William and John he leaves Drym Farm, Crowan.

Stephen’s notes:
Found John baptised at Sithney
Could not find baptisms for George, William nor second Mary.