The Sampson family in the USA

Names Name of ship Date and place of departureDate and place of arrivalNotes
Thomas SampsonAmerica Liverpool 1848New York 17 Apr 1848 This Thomas the son of John & Grace Sampson of Goldsithney, Cornwall. Thomas went ahead of his family who followed in the next year. Initially this family lived in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania where their last child John Wesley Sampson was born in 1850. Some years later the family moved and settled on a farm in Buchanan Township, Jefferson County, Iowa.
Mary Sampson and Samuel, Lydia, William, Thomas, Ezekiel & GideonMecca Penzance 1849New York 5 Jul 1849Wife and children of Thomas Sampson listed above.
William John SampsonUnknown1880sThis William John seems to be the first Sampson ancestor to move into Michigan. 1900 US Census dates entry 1883, 1910 US Census dates entry 1893, 1920 US Census dates entry 1885! There is a shipping record for a Wm J Sampson on the ship Alaska in 1889. William was the son of John & Mary Jane Sampson.
James Thomas SampsonCampaniaLiverpool 8 Apr 1899New York 15 Apr 1899James T Sampson was the son of William & Elizabeth Noel Sampson. He was staying with his cousin William John Samson (above) in the 1900 US Census
John HicksSt PaulSouthampton 30 May 1903New York 6 Jun 1903John settled in Globe, Arizona. In 1905 married Lillie Semmens in this town. John was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Hicks with Thomas being the son of John Hicks and Grace Sampson. John settle in Globe, Gila County, Arizona
Joseph Perrow Hicks and Willie HicksSS PhiladelphiaSouthampton Apr 28 1906New York May 5 1906Joe & William were sons of Thomas & Elizabeth Hicks. No doubt visited their older brother John Hicks listed above. Joe returned to the UK but not sure if Willie stayed?
Lillie SemmensSt PaulSouthampton 14 Oct 1905New York 21 Oct 1905Lillie followed John Hicks and married him within a week of the arrival.
William John SampsonUnknownUnknown1908 In 1910 US census was a boarder in Limerick, Quincy Michigan. William was eldest son of William Curnow & Alice Sampson
Thomas Pearce SampsonMajestic Southhampton 9 Mar 1911New York 6 April 1911To join brother W. John Sampson of Hancock, Houghton, Michigan. Thomas was the second son of William Curnow & Alice Sampson
Richard James SampsonSt. PaulLiverpool 25 Aug 1915New York 2 Sep 1915Richard was the third son of William Curnow and Alice Sampson
Clarence & Alice May Mungles, Mary Jane Sampson and William Curnow & Alice SampsonMauretaniaSouthhampton 28 Apr 1923New York 4 May 1923Alice Mungles and Mary Jane were the daughters of William Curnow & Alice Sampson. In the 1930s Clarence and Alice Mungles returned to Cornwall to live.
Joseph Perrow Hicks with sister Mary Ann Wall & children Florence Wall and Joseph B. Wall.SS PhiladelphiaSouthampton Jan 2 1909New York Jan 9 1909This time Joe stayed in Globe, Arizona and married Edith Maddern. Mary Ann Wall's family returned to the UK in 1911.